Sprint – NEW

weight: 34 g
A: 140 mm
C: 50 mm
E: 125 mm

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Your Swisseye Sprint – NEW

  • adjustable nose segment/rubberized temple ends
  • ventilation system
  • wide field of view
  • light folding hinge
  • shatterproof frame material TR90, polycarbonate lens
  • includes microfiber bag
  • optional RX clip adapter available (62141-1) which is also suitable for other models
RX Clip 62141 C-Shield ohne Nasensteg_without nose segment
Sprint RX 13041RX
Protect your eyes and use Swisseye sports glasses with prescription, which are made of flexible and shatterproof frame-material. Based on your demand the RX clip can be glazed and easily removed from the frame in order to clean it.

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multifunctional headband
art. no. 60106
possible use for all models from Swisseye
headband (length 660 mm)
art. no. 60103
possible use for all models from Swisseye
art. no. 61163
6 x 16 x 8 cm, case for one pair of glasses and spare lenses

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