Outbreak Luzzone S

weight: 21 g
A: 125 mm
C: 38 mm
E: 115 mm
B: 14 mm
D: 73 mm

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Your Swisseye Outbreak Luzzone S

  • for small faces
  • rubberized, fluted temples
  • lightweight
  • shatterproof material PC Impact, polycarbonate lens
  • includes microfiber bag
In comparison to conventional systems the Powerview-System demonstrates its functionality due to the glazing of the foil for the whole models Outbreak. Foil not included (art. no. 63621).

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multifunctional headband
art. no. 60106
possible use for all models from Swisseye
headband (length 660 mm)
art. no. 60103
possible use for all models from Swisseye
Powerview film
art. no. 63621
Powerview for Outbreak Luzzone S and Outbreak Evo S (1 PC film)
Distance strap
art. no. 62201
Distance strap for all Outbreaks