Please contact an optical, bicycle or sports dealer near you. They will be happy to order your desired sports glasses. Many retailers are already our customers. If there is already a Swisseye dealer in your area, please see the dealer search.

For the current products we have spare parts in stock (nose pads, center bars, etc.). Here we ask you to contact your dealer, through whom you can then also order.

Many of our products are always in stock and usually arrive at the dealer within 1-2 days. We ask for your understanding should an item be sold out and thus the delivery is delayed. Swisseye will of course inform the specialty store about the status of your order.

Eyeglasses are divided into five different transmittance grades (degrees of light transmission). This classification has nothing to do with UV protection. All our sports glasses – even the clear ones – offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

Category 0:
For nighttime (clear lens/lenses).

Category 1 and 2:
Light to medium sun exposure (orange, yellow).

Category 3:
strong sunlight (smoke, brown)

category 4:
Very strong sunlight (e.g. on a glacier) and is therefore not suitable for driving.
However, Swisseye does not offer sports glasses in this category at the moment.

Which RX clip for which sports glasses?
62102 Metal clip exclusively for Chameleon
62105 Full frame plastic clip for Gardosa RE+/S and Iconic 2.0
62110 Half frame plastic clip for Cargo, Secret, Trail and Wire
62141 Half frame plastic clip for C-Shield, Mantra, Nighthawk Sports, Novena /S, Solena and Speedster

Are the RX clips suitable for gliding?
Since this depends on individual parameters, this should be specifically clarified by an optician.

Can all strengths be glazed with an RX clip?
Due to the many different options, the range is wider than with direct glazing. Nevertheless, one also comes here into a range that may not be technically feasible to make it comfortable for the wearer. This should also be clarified by an optician.

What is the best way to clean the RX-Clip?
The best way is to use clear water or mild soapy water. Never use alcohol-based agents or unclean, coarse cleaning cloths for cleaning.

What are the sizes of the RX Clips?