Kind­ly use the search of our inter­na­tion­al part­ners to check if there is a Swis­s­eye part­ner who can sup­port you.

We have dif­fer­ent replace­ment parts for the cur­rent prod­ucts /collection (nose pads, nose bridge etc.). Kind­ly con­tact your retail­er who will be pleased to place the order for you.

Most of our prod­ucts are always on stock and deliv­ery time will depend on the dis­tance. It may take sev­er­al days to reach Euro­pean coun­tries and sev­er­al weeks for fur­ther des­ti­na­tions. We trust in your under­stand­ing, that if an item is sold out it may come to a delay in deliv­ery.

You will find fur­ther infor­ma­tion on our YouTube-Chan­nel.

Glass­es are divid­ed into five dif­fer­ent grades of trans­mis­sion (grades of light trans­mis­sion). This divi­sion is not relat­ed to UV-pro­tec­tion. All our sports glass­es – even the clear ones – offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC pro­tec­tion.

cat­e­go­ry 0:
for night use (clear lens/es)

cat­e­go­ry 1 and 2:
for light and medi­um solar radi­a­tion (orange, yel­low)

cat­e­go­ry 3:
for strong solar radi­a­tion (smoke, brown)

cat­e­go­ry 4:
Is used in case of very strong solar radi­a­tion (e.g. on a glac­i­er) and thus is not suit­able for dri­ving.
At the moment Swis­s­eye does not offer sports glass­es with this cat­e­go­ry.