Technologies of our sports glasses

Lens technology

All models comply with the strict safety standard EN 12312-1 and offer UVA-, UVB- and UVC-rays with highest optical quality without distortion. All Swisseye sports glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

Swisseye offers different lens technologies:
 polarized lenses which have a contrast intensifying effect and absorb unpleasant light reflections and mirroring which appear e.g. on water surfaces
– high contrast lenses which have a contrast-enhancing effect
– photochromic lenses which adapt the shading automatically to the light intensity
– cylindrical lenses with a wide field of view

The combined antifog/antiscratch coating prevents all lenses for steaming up and scratches (partly not available with photochromic/polarized and bifocal lens/es). With the hydrophobic coating water rolls off the lens easily and particles are eliminated.

sports glasses for glazing

Regular prescription glasses made of conventional materials are likely to injure the sensitive eye area massively. Protect your eyes and use Swisseye sports glasses made of durable yet flexible and shatterproof frame-material. 90% of the environmental impressions are received through the eyes! Whoever needs correction and does not use it while doing sports risks distortion of sight and perception which can lead to accidents.

Over 90 percent of our sports glasses can be glazed via optician. You have different possibilities: direct glazing, glazing via RX clip adapters, glazing via foil etc.

One RX clip – several possibilities: some clip adapters are also suitable for different sports glasses!
The RX clip adapter for the sports glasses C-Shield (art. no. 62141) can also be used for the sports glasses Mantra, Nighthawk Sports, Novena, Solena and Speedster. However, the RX clip adapter with the art. no. 62105 is suitable for the sports glasses Gardosa Re+ and Iconic 2.0. The RX clip adapter with the art. no. 62110 is suitable for the models Cargo, Secret, Trail and Wire.

more information

All of our frames are made of robust, flexible, shatterproof and anti-allergic material. The frames are mainly produced with the material TR90.

A lot of our frames also have a RX clip adapter, the possibility of optical glazing e.g. via inserts, adjustable temples, adjustable nose pads, spare lenses, carbon temples, fold-up lenses as well as more beneficial features to ensure a good fit.

A lot of Swisseye-models have had very good test results in several trade and end consumer magazines such as the magazines RoadBIKE or MountainBIKE.


Light transmission

Cat 0: clear, clear hydrophobic, yellow

Cat 1: clear FM, orange, orange FM

Cat 2: bifocal brown, brown shaded

Cat 3: high contrast, smoke polarized FM, smoke BW Revo, smoke BR
Revo, brown yellow Revo, green green Revo, brown polarized, brown
polarized FM, brown, brown FM, smoke, smoke FM, smoke polarized,
smoke blue Revo, brown gold mirror
Cat 0-3: photochromic clear-smoke
Cat 1-3: bifocal photochromic orange-smoke, photochromic orange-smoke, photochromic grey-smoke

Not all lens colors are available for each model. Changes possible. Not suitable for ultrasonic bath!


For the models OutbreakOutbreak SOutbreak LuzzoneOutbreak Luzzone S, Outbreak Evo und Outbreak Evo S . In comparison to conventional systems the Powerview System demonstrates its functionality due to the glazing of the foil.


  • forget complicated clicking or gluing of loose plastic frames
  • optimal wearing comfort due to minimal increase in weight
  • minimal gap between foil and frame (no bothering by eyelashes)
  • suitable for most optical lenses and types of glasses
  • easy changing of the system allows the use of other frame colors without high additional expenses