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Lens technology sports glasses

Read more about our lens technologies and coatings!
Depending on our models we offer sports glasses with polarized, high contrast, hydrophobic and / or photochromic lenses.

Read more about sports glasses for glazing!
Over 90 percent of our sports glasses can be glazed via optician. You have different possibilities: direct glazing, glazing via RX clip adapters, glazing via foil etc.

swisseye-start-scheibentechnologie-verglasbarkeit-mit-high-contrast-scheiben swisseye-start-scheibentechnologie-verglasbarkeit-ohne-high-contrast-scheiben

Your sports glasses in prescription

Talk to your optician!
(Often) far beyond the previous possibilities!

Consult your optician and choose your glazed sports glasses from a variety of lens colors, coatings and tints perfectly suited to your athletic needs.


Outbreak Luzzone S

For the models Outbreak, Outbreak S, Outbreak Luzzone, Outbreak Luzzone S, Outbreak Evo and Outbreak Evo S. In contrast to sports eyewear with conventional glazing and clip systems, the Powerview system convinces with its optimal and cost-effective functionality via film glazing.


  • no complicated clicking or gluing on of loose plastic frames
  • optimal wearing comfort due to minimal weight increase
  • minimum distance to the carrier foil (no interference with the eyelash)

sports glasses frames

All of our frames are made of robust, flexible, shatterproof and anti-allergic material. The frames are mainly produced with the material TR90.
A lot of our frames also have a RX clip adapter, the possibility of optical glazing, adjustable temples and nose pads as well as more beneficial features to ensure a good fit.

antifog/antiscratch coating

The combined antifog/ antiscratch coating prevents all lenses for steaming up and scratches (not available for all photochromic/polarized and bifocal lens/es). With the hydrophobic coating water rolls off the lens easily and particles are eliminated.

optical glazing

Sports glasses for glazing are marked with the note “optical glazing possible“.

EN 12312-1

All models are produced according to the safety norm EN 12312-1 and offer 100% UVA-, UVB- and UVC protection.

image source: Deutsche Optikerzeitung DOZ



The spare lenses of the new M-Cover 3 & 4 are fixed with discreet magnets – therefore you are equipped for any weather and any activity. Come rain or shine...

sportive prescription with work-life-balance

You love sporty design and want to combine sportiness with everyday challenges! Then you are perfectly equipped with these sportive prescription. More product details: – sporty design and cool colors...

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Swisseye & Top Look! From 12-14th January you will find us at the opti trade fair in Munich! Our stand location is: hall C 3, booth 211.      

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