art. no. 45301

frame: crystal
lens: clear

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Your protective glasses S-1

new pro­tec­tive glass­es: S-1 (safe­ty first)

  • cov­er­ing glass­es with good side pro­tec­tion (also suit­able for spec­ta­cle wear­er) as per­son­al pro­tec­tive equip­ment
  • shat­ter­proof frame mate­r­i­al poly­car­bon­ate
  • poly­car­bon­at lens with antifog-coat­ing
  • 100% UVA, UVB and UVC pro­tec­tion
  • fur­ther­more suit­able as med­ical equip­ment to pro­tect against dan­ger of infec­tion
  • cer­tifi­cat­ed accord­ing to EN 12312-1, EN 166, EN 170 and STANAG 4296/2920 (bal­lis­tic eye pro­tec­tion), ANSI Z87.1